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Apart from research and learning, NCCS encourages its members to actively participate in Sports activities. NCCS organizes Annual Sports Events during Winter-Spring period, where all the PhD students, trainees, staff, faculties participate with full enthusiasm. Various athletics activities and team sports like Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis etc. are the highlights of the Sports event. There is an open gym, volleyball court, badminton court available in the campus. Additionally, the Pune University campus ground is also  made available for cricket and football tournaments. The Annual Sports event is culminated with a grand prize distribution ceremony wherein various distinguished Sportsmen are invited as guests. In addition to being great physical exercise and reinforcing the principles of scientific learning, this Annual sports activity brings all the NCCS members together and teaches collaboration & team spirit while encouraging fraternal dialog between everyone.





Dr. Vidisha Tripathi Scientist - D, In-Charge, Sports Facility


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