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Central Sterilization facility


This facility is an infrastructure service department of the institute. It provides services such as washing, packing, and sterilization of all the glassware and other research materials to all research laboratories, cell repository, media section, and other service departments. It also supplies high-grade distilled water to all sections of the institute. In addition to these services, some technical staff is involved in the safe disposal of radioactive and biohazardous waste materials. The facility also supplies necessary sterile glassware and other materials required for research purposes.




  • Mr. Suresh H. Basutkar Technical Officer C
  • Mr. Pramod E. Surve Technical Officer A
  • Ms. Gayatri T. Sagare Technician B
  • Mr Kailash B. Bhandalkar Helper A
  • Mr. Madhukar V.Randive Helper A
Mr. S. H. Basutkar, Technical Officer C



Phone: 020-25708160

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