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The Project Management cell facilitates intra and extramural project management through close-knit internal processes and policies coordinated through different stakeholders. The Cell coordinates closely with the faculty, project staff, funding agencies, and external stakeholders (Universities, Research Institutions, Industries, Start-Ups, and International organizations) to establish research collaborations. We train human resources on Scientific administration and provides critical input to strengthen research proposals submitted to us by PIs. Lastly, the Cell moderates scientific discussions with industrial/academic organizations to enhance IP licensing, technology transfers, Co-development of products, etc. 





  • Mrs. Nalini A. Chavan Officer A
  • Mr. Vijay D. Jinralkar Office Assistant B

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NCCS_Project Management Guidelines

Approved IP and EP Policy of NCCS



About Facility In-Charge


Dr. Pillai, In-charge, PMC

Dr. Pillai decided to move to Science Management in 2010 after his tenure as a Fogarty Postdoctoral Fellow at NIH, USA, where he studied several projects under the anti-malarial drug discovery prograamme. Major projects included, chemical Validation of Plasmodial surface anion channel (PSAC) as an antimalarial drug target, Linkage analysis to map inheritance of PSAC, Solute-inhibitor interactions in PSAC, Identification and characterization of PSAC mutants, Exploring solute requirements for parasite growth and solute restriction and the role of clag 3 associated genes in PSAC activity. He worked as an advisor for Grants and Grants Manager at the Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance Hyderabad from 2010-2017 before moving to NCCS in April 2017 to establish the Project Management Cell.



About Facility Staff

Mrs. Nalini Chavan, Admin.  Officer A

Mrs. Nalini Chavan is an Officer with very good experience in Administration who have been pivotal in establishing this Facility. She oversees the day today functioning and planning of activities of the department.


Mr. Vijay Jinralkar, Office Assistant B

Mr. Vijay Jinralkar, has vast experience in Finance & Accounting and helps the Project Cell with preparation of financial documents and associated reports for smooth functioning of the department.


Mr. Hrishikesh and Mrs. Sukeshini Ubale are graduates who provide continuous support in the functioning of the Cell.

Dr. Ajay Pillai, Facility In-Charge, Project Management Cell


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