Former Directors

The Late Ulhas Wagh, Ph.D.

Founder Director (Mar. 1986 to Aug. 1995)

G. C. Mishra, Ph.D.

Director (Sep. 1995 to Aug. 2011)

Shekhar Mande, Ph.D.

Director (Sep. 2011 to Oct. 2018)

Dr. Gopal C. Kundu

Director In-charge (Oct. 2018 to June 2019)

Dr. Manoj Kumar Bhat

Director (June 2019 to Jan. 2022)

Dr. Arvind Sahu

Director In-charge (Feb. 2022 to June 2022)

The Late Dr. Mohan Wani

Director (June 2022 to April 2024)

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