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NCCS Student's Corner

NCCS is a place for great minds to work, grow and thrive. Keeping with the mandate, Human resource development and capacity building are an integral and major component of the activities at NCCS. We have highly experienced workforce devoted to excellence who generate high-quality scientific talent by providing students and other researchers with the required resources, training and opportunities.

NCCS encourages youngsters to pursue a career in research by making available the mentorship of  its faculty and its facilities through three main Academic programmes at NCCS.

NCCS lends research and infrastructural support and mentorship to in-house post-doctoral and other early career scientists, to promote young scientific talent. We also conduct workshops to train researchers at all levels, including students, early-career scientists, faculty and technical staff. These workshops included hands-on training, and covered diverse topics, including research methodologies and cutting-edge technologies like bioimaging techniques, flow cytometry, mass spectrometry for proteomics, bioinformatics, cell culture technology, experimental animal techniques, techniques related to microbial ecology and taxonomy, science communication and grant proposal writing, and career guidance.

NCCS, one of the premier research institutes of India, is a residential institute.  We provide students conducive atmosphere for research and learning.  NCCS has a sprawling complex in the SP Pune University campus. There are various facilities provided in the Campus to cater to the students and the staff of the Institute.

Hostel Facility

Sports Facility Medical Facility Guest House Facility

Day Care Facility


NCCS Student's Corner

NCCS, one of the premier research institutes of India, is a residential institute. There are 2 independent co-ed hostels nestled in lush green surroundings of the Pune University. These two hostels together have 63 rooms and the accommodation is on a twin sharing basis. Hostel accommodation is provided only for the students pursuing their PhD research at NCCS. Guest rooms for visiting parents of students are also available. The hostels have a combined Mess which is run by the students of NCCS. Besides excellent rooms, other facilities like television, newspapers, solar geysers, cleaning, security etc are also provided by the Institute. We believe that the hostels in NCCS provide students conducive atmosphere for research and learning.

Spread of NCCS PhD Alumni

Global Spread (277 Students)

India  -  34%

USA  -   49%



National spread of NCCS alumni (Total: 69)

National Spread (95 Students)

50 students are Faculties/Staff in various organisations




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