AB-Sciex 4800 MALDI TOF/TOF mass spec system is a tandem time-of-flight MS/MS system that is used for high-throughput proteomics research. The system can identify proteins by determining accurate masses of peptides formed by enzymatic digestion. Additionally, the system can more definitely identify and characterize proteins by isolating and fragmenting a molecular ion of interest and measuring the fragment ion masses.

AB-Sciex 4000 Q-Trap MS/MS system is a hybrid triple quadrupole/linear ion trap mass spectrometer. The system is ideal for proteomic applications including post-translationally modified proteins discovery, protein quantitation, and biomarker validation.

Tempo Nano MDLC system is high performance, reliable, nano-scale liquid chromatography for proteomic applications. This Nano-LC system delivers precise and reproducible micro-scale gradients at constant flow-rates, creating ideal conditions for optimized mass analysis and a stable ionization spray.


Dr Srikanth Rapole, Scientist - D

Mrs. V. S. Shepal, Technical Officer B

Mr. D. Venkateshwarlu Naik, Technician B


Dr. R. Srikanth