Burying the Dead: Mechanisms, Defects, and Diseases” - Dr. M. Subramanian (Columbia University Medical Center, USA); 5th Nov. 2014; 10 am; NCCS auditorium.*****"A molecular switch from a single mRNA controls skin homeostasis in wound healing and cancer" - Dr. M. Gopinath (Institute of Medical biology, Singapore); 10th Nov. 2014; 10 am; NCCS auditorium. ***** Workshop on: Multi Sectorial Interventions in the context of Maternal and Child Health - “All Children Thriving” (Free registration); 13th Nov. 2014; 9 am-1 pm; NCCS Auditorium; For Details


The National Centre for Cell Sciences, Pune (NCCS) was established as a National Repository of Animal Cell Culture with a mandate of basic research, teaching & training, and as a national repository for cell lines/ hybridomas etc. It also conducts manpower development in animal tissue culture through training programmes/workshops and extends infrastructural facilities to researchers and institutions in biochemical sciences.


The vision of NCCS is to accelerate research in modern biology to create new knowledge and technologies for human welfare. This will be achieved through (i) basic research in modern biology (ii) human resources development and (iii) serving as national cell repository.





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