Computer Section

The Computer Centre has currently enhanced its infrastructure as follows:

Local Area Network Upgradation

Computer Section has recently completed the upgradation of the Network Backbone with the use of OFC and manageable 96 Gigabit chasis switch. This has facilitated Centralized Network Management, Monitoring and Access Control. The endnodes are now connected with Cat 6 cables replacing the Cat 5 cables. This has resulted in a remarkable increase in the data transfer speed.

Rack Mounted Servers Installed and Functional

The installation and configuration of the four high End Rack Mounted Servers completed and the servers are functional thereby providing an additional storage space for the Mails, Domain based User Interface.

Network Antivirus Software Package

An up gradation of the current antivirus software is performed there by providing security to the invaluable data on all the computers of the Institute and for a safe Internet connectivity.

Wi-Fi Networks in all the Laboratoriess

The Centre is in process of Installing Wireless Connections in all the labs. It will soon be functional thereby providing a uninterrupted wi-fi connection.

Internet Leased Lines

NCCS is currently connected to the internet via two leased lines namely one from Reliance(1 Mbps) and the other from VSNL( 256 Kbps). The process of upgradation of these leased lines to 2 Mbps is in progress thereby enhancing the internet bandwidth remarkably.

The Computer Section at NCCS is involved in the following activities:

Providing technical support to more than 120 computers and more than 80 printers. Computer centre provides support such as installations of Operating Systems, Other Softwares and Drivers.Other hardware problems.

Management of the invaluable information in the Institute.

Providing Network Support to all the sections and facilities thereby contributing to the smooth functioning of the routine administrative and research work in the Institute.

Providing Support to the students and scientist for their scientific presentations required when attending national and International conferences/seminars. Computer centre helps in the DTP work, CD writing, scanning of images and transperancy printing on color laserjet Printer.

Regular up-dation of the NCCS website for any changes in the information. Publishing of Tender Notices and advertisements for available posts such as Project Posts, Project Training, Summer Training and other Administrative / supportive staff. Updating individual scientist webpages.


Mr. R. J. Solanki, Technical Officer C

Mr. S. S. Jadhav, Technical Officer C

Mrs. R. C. Patwardhan, Technical Officer A

Mrs. K. S. Jadhav, Technical Officer A


Dr. M V Krishnasastry