Einstein @ NCCS!?

The entire staff of NCCS had witnessed 75 minutes of uninturrupted, pure brilliance, of the life of Einstein as told by him! Period. Einstein came alive in front of all of us for 75 minutes. The play written by Gabriel Emmanuel, enacted by Nasseruddin Shah, the most versatile actor, was a visual treat to 600 plus packed audience on 26 Aug 2015, the foundation day of NCCS.

Einstein Performed by Naseeruddin Shah
Written by Gabriel Emmanuel
Associate directors: Ratna Pathak Shah, Arghya Lahiri
The director Naseeruddin Shah himself. Need we say more?
It was a Motley Production

Few unforgettable lines from the play:

...Its never wrong to ask questions. My teacher punished me because I asked too many questions or my face looked I was about to ask a question...

...When I was a teen ...My father wanted me to choose a profession. He therefore chose that of a electrician...

...I failed the course of an electrician and became a Physics teacher. Those who are not good at anything become teachers...

The NCCS community thanks all people for making the event happen and for making the event a grand success!

Let us hope more such events happen in future. Till then, recollect the Einstein, question.. question...question...???!!