Confocal Microscopy

An Advanced Spectral Confocal Microscope, Zeiss LSM510 META, with programmable CO2 incubator and temperature-humidity control, this system comprising of fully motorized and computer controlled Inverted Fluorescence microscope, is being used for regular confocal as well as FRET, FRAP, Live Imaging etc. The Lasers available are Blue Diode laser (405nm), Argon laser(458/477/488/514 nm), 543nm He-Ne and 633nm He-Ne. The spectral detector permits separation of upto eight emission signals, even if the fluorescence spectra are strongly overlapping.

A new Leica SP5 II system has been installed. It is a high-end Broadband Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope with 4 cooled spectral PMTs and unique AOBS, technology equipped with CO2 incubator, Fully motorized, automated and computer controlled Microscope Leica DMI 6000. The Lasers are Blue Diode Laser 405nm, Ar Laser with 458nm, 488nm, 476nm, 496nm, 514nm lines, DPSS 561nm, HeNe 594nm and HeNe 633nm with Scanning Stage and incubation chamber for live cell experiments. Software for Confocal imaging 3D imaging and reconstruction, Dye Finder, Time lapse, colocalization, FRET (SE & AB), FRAP is also available.

The numbers of samples imaged during 2010-11 were approximately 3873 in-house and 209 came from various other institutes. Number of samples for live-imaging was 13.


Mrs. A. N. Atre, Technical Officer A

Mrs. T. P. Kulkarni, Technician B

Dr. Milind Patole